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Sitemap Builder

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Google's Sitemap Protocol

Help for: Sitemap Builder

Use this tool to build a sitemap file according to the standards set by Google. Google's sitemap files are specially structured XML files. The controls in this script help you maintain the proper sitemap structure.
Elements for each link:
- Location: A full URL of a webpage. Example: http://www.example.com/path/to/a/webpage.html
- Last mod: Last modification date.
- Change freq: Change frequency. This works as a hint to the search engine to check a particular page more or less often.
- Priority: Put values from 0 to 100, or leave it empty. This informs the search engine what is the importance of a webpage compared to the other webpages in the same web site.
Use the controls on the bottom of the page to load data from an existing sitemap file, or to save your data to a new file.
It is preferable to have this file compressed, and in the root directory of your web site. For example place it in http://www.example.com/sitemap.gz
Google limits the size of each sitemap file to 50,000 URLs, or 10MB. If you want more than 50,000 URLs or 10MB you have to create multiple sitemap files and an index file. Click here to go to the sitemap index builder.
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